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Spherical roller bearing is used to bear heavy load. This kind of bearing is double-row.The outer ring has a spherical raceway for sharing, and the inner ring has 2 raceways which are inclined by certain angel to the bearing axis, so the bearing can be selfaligned. When the axis is bended upon force exercised on it,or the axis is with different axial parts in it, the bearing still functions normally. This kind of bearing can bear not only radial load, but also bilateral axial load. With high impact resistance, spherical roller bearing’s limit rotational speed is low.

By the shape of cross section, spherical roller bearing can be split into 2 types:convex symmetrical roller and convex asymmetrical roller. Convex asymmetrical roller was a kind of early product. Compared with the early products,convex symmetrical roller can bear heavier axial load , work at a lower temperature and a higher rotational speed, because the internal structure and the parameters of the convex symmetrical roller have overall been designed better.

By the cages and depressed parts, spherical roller bearing can be split into 2 types:type C and type CA. Type C is of pressed steel cage without depressed parts,and type CA is of solid cage with depressed parts.

For replacement and lubrication of the bearings,we can offer you spherical roller bearings with inner taper hole. Spherical roller bearing’s inner hole can be divided into cylindrical and conical hole. The taper of conical taper hole is 1: 12 or 1: 30,with model number suffix K or K30. And the suffix /W33 means the outer ring of the bearing has been made into wreath form oil slot and three oil boreses. Meanwhile the fixed bushings, the removable bushings and the spherical roller bearing with oil slots and oil boreses in the inner ring are also offered.

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