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Deployment through customer support, management, professional services, training and certification, enhanced customer experience. Provide service to the customer technical performance and at the same time to maximize the value of minimize cost and complexity.

Business information

Conducting direct sales model of cities and regions

Sales and market development to more than one major cities (company office: Shanghai, taizhou, chongqing, wuhan and guangzhou) abroad (Italy, Canada, South Africa).

Based on the customer market strategy

Wholeheartedly provide excellent customer service, and has a professional sales and technical support team, provide service for customers in different areas

Continuous innovation

In order to better service for customers, and constantly open up new markets, a year in r&d spending a lot of manpower and material resources, to develop products, solutions and new technologies. Invention, design, and provide drive business value, create social value, as well as technical solutions to improve customer''s life, and occupy the leading position in many fields.

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