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Swedish engineer Questa invented self-centering diallel ball bearing,brought the bearing technique into new age, SKF was built in 1907,after development of 100 years, has become the word leader of bearing manufacturing with business all over the world, and more than 200 companies and 80 manufactures. It is guaranteed by ISO9001 International Quality Authentication and ISO9001 international Environment Authentication .SKF holds the same principle all the time to provide the best service for clients and to promote the advancement of bearing technology.

The products of SKF lead the world in rolling bearing and seal fields. It provides excellent client solving and service. It also built its first office in China after its establishment. It has a long history in China . Currently, its two deputies are SKF investment ltd. located in Shanghai with productive subsidiaries in Shanghai , Anhui , Beijing , Dalian etc. , China SKF Ltd. in Hong Kong and other 20 branch offices. Besides, SKF has 42 authorized franchisers and 19 distributors. With China 's speedy development, SKF are seeking every possibility to expand in China to build productive base in China.
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