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Rolling Mill bearings
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Rolling Mill bearings

Rolling mill bearings are my company's leading products,widely used in steel rolling, metallurgy,petrpleum,heavy machinery and other industries.

Usually adopt cylindrical roller bearing bear radial load, deep groove ball bearing or angular contact ball bearing, or radial design or thrust design of tapered roller bearing axial load.Now most of the oil-gas lubrication or oil mist lubrication way lubrication cooling bearing.

Rolling mill bearing classification:

Four row cylindrical roller bearing and six column cylindrical roller bearing used in almost all the roll stand of the roll neck, roll and rolling press. Compared with other roller bearing, these bearing friction is low. Because these bearing usually in interference fit installed in the roll neck, and is especially suitable for high speed steel rolling mill application. These bearing low cross section allows use the same roll diameter compared with relatively large roll neck diameter. Owing to load very much roller, the radial load ability is very high.

Many listed cylindrical roller bearing can bear radial load. Therefore, the bearing and deep groove ball bearing or angular contact ball bearing, or radial design or thrust design of circular cone roller bearings with installation, by the latter under axial load. Four row and six row circular cone roller bearings for separate design, namely take monolithic flange bearing ring and roller and cage components can be separated bearing ring with separate installation, or all bearing parts are installed respectively. This, to a considerable degree, in simplified bearing installation, maintenance and inspection. Bearing inner can bear a certain limit axis relative to the bearing axial displacement. Four row cylindrical roller bearing with a cylindrical hole, some of the size of the bearing can also take cone hole supply. With cone hole bearing can be in the installation process adjustment, to get certain radial internal clearance or determined preliminary load.

  • 802040M,567455A,578862,544992V,619/850MB.C3
    Rolling Mill bearings   Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing is also called rolling mill bearing. Its main application is in rolling mill for the production of steel plates, sheets, channels, H-beam, angles, flats, round bars, deformed bars, wires, coils and rails, also for stainless steel, aluminum and copper products. Commonly used roll ne

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