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Thrust Roller bearings
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Thrust Roller bearings

Thrust roller bearing  used to carry axial load primarily axial and radial joint load, but radial load shall not exceed 55% of the axial load. Compared with other thrust roller bearing, the bearing friction factor is low, high speed, and has the self-aligning properties.

29000 types of bearing's stick for asymmetric type spherical roller, can reduce roller and race in the work relative sliding, and roller length, diameter, roller number, load capacity, high, usually by oil lubrication, individual low speed situation available grease lubrication. In the selection of the design, we should first selection;
80000 types of  thrust cylindrical roller bearing's, 90000 types of thrust tapered roller bearing's and AXK types of thrust needle roller bearing's, can bear unidirectional axial load, it is larger than thrust ball bearing axial load capacity, and rigid, take axial space is little.
  • 29264 EM
    Axial cylindrical roller bearings often combined into the high stiffness of the bearing configuration, and can withstand heavy loads and vibration loads without difficulty. These bearings can withstand axial load in one direction, but can not bear radial load, they are not self-aligning capability. Thrust cylindrical roller bearings can be split th
  • 29460E,29430E,81134 TN,81232 M,81110 TN
    Available with cylindrical or spherical rollers, thrust roller bearings sustain only axial loads, but they are suitable for heavy loads and have high axial rigidity. Spherical thrust roller bearings contain convex rollers and have a self- aligning capability and are free of any influence of mounting error or shaft deflection. Standard cages are mac

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