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2200-2RZ 2RS

Self-Aligning Ball Bearing1

It has two rows of balls and a common sphered raceway in the outer ring.  The bearings are consequently self-aligning and insensitive to shaft deflections and angular misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing. Additionally, self-aligning ball bearings generate less friction than any other type of rolling bearing, which enables them to run cooler even at high speeds. 

1. Ball Bearing: Self-Aligning Ball Bearing (1200, 1300, 2200, 2300)
3. Precision Class: P0, P6, P5, P4, P2
4. Clearance: C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 
5. Material: Chrome steel, stainless steel,  carburizing steel,SiMn steel
6.Bearing No:1200-1224,2200-2222,1300-1322,2300-2322,1412

2200.2RS.TV 2200-2RS-TVH 
2200TV 2200-TVH 
2201.2RS.TV 2201-2RS-TVH 
2201TV 2201-TVH 
2202.2RS.TV 2202-2RS-TVH 
2202TV 2202-TVH 
2203.2RS.TV 2203-2RS-TVH 
2203TV 2203-TVH 
2204.2RS.TV 2204-2RS-TVH 
2204TV 2204-TVH 
2205.2RS.TV 2205-2RS-TVH 
2205K.2RS.TV.C3 2205-K-2RS-TVH-C3 
2205K.2RS.TV.C3 2205-K-2RS-TVH-C3 + H305 
2205K.TV.C3 2205-K-TVH-C3 
2205K.TV.C3 2205-K-TVH-C3 + H305 
2205TV 2205-TVH 
2206.2RS.TV 2206-2RS-TVH 
2206K.2RS.TV.C3 2206-K-2RS-TVH-C3 
2206K.2RS.TV.C3 2206-K-2RS-TVH-C3 + H306 
2206K.TV.C3 2206-K-TVH-C3 
2206K.TV.C3 2206-K-TVH-C3 + H306 
2206TV 2206-TVH 
2207.2RS.TV 2207-2RS-TVH 
2207K.2RS.TV.C3 2207-K-2RS-TVH-C3 
2207K.2RS.TV.C3 2207-K-2RS-TVH-C3 + H307 
2207K.TV.C3 2207-K-TVH-C3 
2207K.TV.C3 2207-K-TVH-C3 + H307 
2207TV 2207-TVH 
2208.2RS.TV 2208-2RS-TVH 
2208K.2RS.TV.C3 2208-K-2RS-TVH-C3 
2208K.2RS.TV.C3 2208-K-2RS-TVH-C3 + H308 
2208K.TV.C3 2208-K-TVH-C3 
2208K.TV.C3 2208-K-TVH-C3 + H308 
2208TV 2208-TVH 
2209.2RS.TV 2209-2RS-TVH 
2209K.2RS.TV.C3 2209-K-2RS-TVH-C3 
2209K.2RS.TV.C3 2209-K-2RS-TVH-C3 + H309 
2209K.TV.C3 2209-K-TVH-C3 
2209K.TV.C3 2209-K-TVH-C3 + H309 
2209TV 2209-TVH 
2210.2RS.TV 2210-2RS-TVH 
2210K.2RS.TV.C3 2210-K-2RS-TVH-C3 
2210K.2RS.TV.C3 2210-K-2RS-TVH-C3 + H310 
2210K.TV.C3 2210-K-TVH-C3 
2210K.TV.C3 2210-K-TVH-C3 + H310 
2210TV 2210-TVH 
2211.2RS.TV 2211-2RS-TVH 
2211K.2RS.TV.C3 2211-K-2RS-TVH-C3 
2211K.2RS.TV.C3 2211-K-2RS-TVH-C3 + H311 
2211K.TV.C3 2211-K-TVH-C3 
2211K.TV.C3 2211-K-TVH-C3 + H311 
2211TV 2211-TVH 
2212.2RS.TV 2212-2RS-TVH 
2212K.2RS.TV.C3 2212-K-2RS-TVH-C3 
2212K.2RS.TV.C3 2212-K-2RS-TVH-C3 + H312 
2212K.TV.C3 2212-K-TVH-C3 
2212K.TV.C3 2212-K-TVH-C3 + H312 
2212TV 2212-TVH 
2213.2RS.TV 2213-2RS-TVH 
2213K.2RS.TV.C3 2213-K-2RS-TVH-C3 
2213K.2RS.TV.C3 2213-K-2RS-TVH-C3 + H313 
2213K.TV.C3 2213-K-TVH-C3 
2213K.TV.C3 2213-K-TVH-C3 + H313 
2213TV 2213-TVH 
2214.2RS.TV 2214-2RS-TVH 
2214M 2214-M 
2215K.TV.C3 2215-K-TVH-C3 
2215K.TV.C3 2215-K-TVH-C3 + H315 
2215TV 2215-TVH 
2216K.TV.C3 2216-K-TVH-C3 
2216K.TV.C3 2216-K-TVH-C3 + H316 
2216TV 2216-TVH 

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