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Characteristics and uses of linear bearings:
Linear ball bearing for rolling contact with the shaft axis for the orbit in the axial direction can do unlimited linear motion high precision bearings. The bearing outer barrel is equipped with a cage, ball, side, constructed by the cage guide the ball extremely sleek cycle. With small frictional resistance, low noise, small power of the coherence, corrosion resistance, etc., are widely used in electrical machinery, printing machinery, material handling machinery and a variety of precision measuring instruments.
Linear ball bearing Asian Metric, European Metric and inch series, each series there are three forms, namely, standard, and adjustable and open.
l Asia Metric: Standard (SDM), adjustable (SDM ... AJ), open (SDM ... the OP)
European Metric: Standard (SDE), adjustable (SDE ... the AJ), open (SDE ... OP)
3 Inch Series: Standard (SDB), adjustable (SDB ... AJ), open (SDB ... the OP)

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