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Rolling Mill bearings


Four-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing is also called rolling mill bearing. Its main application is in rolling mill for the production of steel plates, sheets, channels, H-beam, angles, flats, round bars, deformed bars, wires, coils and rails, also for stainless steel, aluminum and copper products.
Commonly used roll neck bearings are four row tapered roller bearings, four row cylindrical roller bearings and double row spherical roller bearings. According to the features of rolling mill, four row tapered roller bearings are mostly used in four-high hot roll mills and cold roll mills, vertical and horizontal roll of cogging mills, back-up roll of billet mill, wide-flange mill, low-speed four-high mill. Four row cylindrical roller bearings are widely used in wire mill, and back-up roll of finishing mills, double back-up roll mills, cold mills, finish rolling comprehensive mills, etc. Double row spherical roller bearings are often applied in the circumstance of the medium milling speed and the deviation of roll neck which caused by the deflection of the mill roller. To sum up, back-up roll bearings of rolling mills with high speed and high accuracy aptly adopt four row cylindrical roller bearings. Four row tapered roller bearings are generally used in the occasion of changing working rolls frequently for the sake of loading and discharging expediently.
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