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FAG Special Spherical Roller Bearings for Vibratory Machinery


The bearing has one sheet steel window cage half per row of rollers with high geometrical stability. The cage halves are supported via the cage

 guide ring in the outer ring. The guide ring is of a single piece design. All cage parts are subjected to a special surface hardening process.

Lincoln Bearings Limited is a FAG distributor,has large stock special spherical roller bearings for vibratory machine,high quality and best price.

22310ES.TVPB.C4.F80 / 22310EAS.MA.T41A 22322EAS.MA.C4.F80 / 22322EAS.MA.T41A
22311ES.TVPB.C4.F80 / 22311EAS.MA.T41A 22324ES.TVPB.C4.F80 / 22324EAS.MA.T41A
22312EAS.MA.C4.F80 / 22312EAS.MA.T41A 22326EAS.MA.C4.F80 / 22326EAS.MA.T41A
22313ES.TVPB.C4.F80 / 22313EAS.MA.T41A 22328ES.TVPB.C4.F80 / 22328EAS.MA.T41A
22314ES.TVPB.C4.F80 / 22314EAS.MA.T41A 22330EAS.MA.C4.F80 / 22330EAS.MA.T41A
22315AS.MA.C4F80 / 22315EAS.MA.T41A 22332A.MA.C4.F80.W207BB / 22332A.MA.T41A
22316ES.TVPB.C4.F80 / 22316EAS.MA.T41A 22334ES.TVPB.C4.F80 / 22334A.MA.T41
22317EAS.MA.C4.F80 / 22317EAS.MA.T41A 22336A.MA.C4F80 / 22336A.MA.T41A
22318EAS.MA.C3.F80 / 22318EAS.MA.T41A 22338A.MA.C4.F80 / 22338A.MA.T41A
22319ES.TVPB.C4.F80 / 22319EAS.MA.T41A 22340A.MA.C4.F80 / 22340A.MA.T41A
22320EAS.MA.C4.F80 / 22320EAS.MA.T41A 22318EAS.MA.T41A
23324EAS.MA.T41A 22322EAS.MA.T41A

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