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FAG Bearing

FAG - to ensure reliable and economic operation

FAG Group was established in 1883 as the world's first bearing manufacturers, and industrial bearings accompanied by the birth and development, FAG products in almost all possible areas have been fully certified and has been playing a very important role. The current worldwide total employees are about 18,000, and annual sales are more than four billion pounds.

FAG Bearings always stand in the forefront of the world. In spite of this, each company is a lot of money used in the development of new products and product improvements mature, the company is the ongoing efforts to update the European smooth entry was acclaimed as the most demanding users (such as BMW, Volkswagen, GM) as its long-term, stable ancillary to.

FAG Bearings Corporation is continuing efforts to improve, FAG Bearings products was as smooth entry into the most demanding users (such as BMW, Volkswagen, GM) become a long-term, stable support vendors. Top manufacturing technology, rigorous scientific management style, humane globalization, marketing strategies, has created the world's FAG, FAG will be your forever, and the most trusted friends!
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